>>>I dig Vegas t


>>>I dig Vegas though. It’s an excellent program, low learning curve, got some powerful tools (though that new titler leaves much to be desired), has some intergration with Adobe products and combined with ACID and SF can stand in the same room with Avid, FCP and Pro-Tools and trade punches without the proprietary hardware to back it up. Oh and for a lot less money! It’s only real Achilles’ Heel is that %$#@^&*! lack of real-time rendering. WUWT?

I don’t know why they do that. It makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

Speaking of real-time rendering, perhaps you would know. I’m trying to figure out how to get the best combination of real-time in between Sony Vegas and CS4.

Mynew boxhas two PCIe x16 Gen 2.0 slots. My gen 1.0 video card (GeForce 8600 GT Super +1GB) is in the top slot, and I ponder continually what to do with the bottom slot. They say a Matrox RT.X2 (full size) will allow one to render two layers of HD and two layers of effects in real time in Premiere Pro CS4, but it would do nothing for Sony Vegas. The other option is that a Quadro CX card (basically a C1060/1070 Tesla GPU card) is supposed to accelerate rendering in CS4, although it still does not make itreal time.

When the C1060 card first came out, I was on the Sony Media Software site, checking to see if they had plans tosupport theC1060/1070 Tesla. They said something cryptic (like, “Q: Surely you have plans to support the new GPU processing cards? A: Sony Media Software is always looking for ways to take advantage of newer technologies, to give you the creative edge; but of course we cannot comment on plans for future releases), and then later I went to find that comment again, but I could not find it. (I think it used to be in their FAQ). Sony is pretty secretive about their plans, but I wonder if they are planning to support GPU cards in Vegas Pro 9?

If Sony doessupport the Quadro CX (C1070 Tesla) card, then that might be the way to go, since it would speed up both Sony and Premiere. However, Videomaker magazinedid a writeup on the Quadro CX card, and they said that A: it is really expensive, and B: it really only helps if you have an older machine with not that many cores. http://www.videomaker.com/article/14297/2/

Right now I have a CoreDuo (2 core) at 3.0 GHz. I am eyeballing the Q9650 four core at 3.0 GHz, but am waiting for it to come down in price (because right now I am busy learning HTML).Right now it is at $330.00, but I think it will eventually drop lower than that.

So if I have four cores and 8GB RAM on a 64 bit machine, how much help is a really expensive GPU card going to help? Or should I just forget about all the GPU cardand get a Matrox, so I can render multiple layers of HD and effects in real time (and use the Magic Bullet Suite)?

Orfrom what you are saying, Premiere Pro already supports real-timerendering???? But is that in SD or HD, and with layers of effects?


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