I didnt not see you were g


I didnt not see you were going to use it with a program at first, I thought you wanted to make super slow motion videos.

A fast shutter speed would give you a clear picture if you have enough light, but when still when played slow motion it would not look like the nike video. An example might be if a full swing takes 1 second, a regular camera will be able to cut it into 30 parts. To play back smooth you can only slow it to about 10fps, or 3 seconds. A high speed camera like in that commercial will cut it into 500 parts, so the 1 second swing can be played back smooth over 20 seconds.

But if you are just going to use it with that Swing Analysis software and not going to make super slow motion videos then the cameras you mentioned should be fine. If the program says you can use a mini-dv or digital 8 then most cameras you should be able to adjust the shutter speed on any camera to work in manual mode. Just look at the specs and see what shutter speeds are supported.

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