I did thisonce a couple ye


I did thisonce a couple years back with a Sony Handycam (DCR-DVD201). For the most part I was pleased with the final results, but I ignorantly recorded in “half dv” (because I wanted torecord as much as possible on the mini DVDs) which resulted in a somewhat blurry final product. So that would be my first bit of advice, check your camera to make sure you are capturing “full DV”. I did a little research on your camera to see if this scenario was a possible cause, but I didn’t find anything conclusive.

I would also look to see if your camera has a “Sharpness” option, and try adjusting that. However, I would assume based on your post that this “loss of detail and color” has not been an issue for you with general usage.

You didn’t mention how you are verifying the quality of the capture. Could you share with us the method you are using?

Somewhat related to the previous statement… if you are verifying your results in a video editing application, ensure that you are previewing the footage in the best quality possible. For example, Sony Vegas allows for previewing in “draft”, “preview”, “good”, and “best” (poorest quality to best quality respectively), and all my stuff would look like complete junk if I only previewed it in “draft”.


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