I did some research a whil


I did some research a while back on making useful, non licensed squibs. There is this solution:


But i found a really good one once, that I cannot find again for some readson, that used water balloons filled with the fake blood that were stretch tight and duct-taped to a piece of cardboard. and a model rocket igniter was used to burst the ballon. That effect was really nice I willpost it if I can find it. Make sure you get a good muzzle flash and a good prop gun, I suggest and airsoft pistol, you can get electric ones for fairly cheap (also make sure you are not foolish when brandishing said prop, police are likely to take defensive actions otherwise), also timing is important.

http://www.tyndanproductions.com/offtopic/muzzleflash.wmv (approx. 3 MB)

A good solution it is also hide the bullet hit, you can cut down on your budget that way. There is one thing very important to remember if you cannot do an effect correctly, then don’t do it. A production will suffer from poor effect more then it would without the effect. Let dramatics dot he story telling for you, not the effect, if you can build up the intesnity of the moment you don’t even have to see someone get hit by a bullet.

I messed around with doing gunshots, I only messed wtih it for about a day before I got bored and started messing with swords. Here is an example video I made of a muzzle flash. The gun is a SpecOps – Navy Seal Pistol (airsoft, never been loaded for safety reasons), The sound effect was gleened from a SFX site because I was too impatient to go record an actual gun myself, and the flash was made using photoshop. I would have made this much better if I had had the time. Notice the lack of and blood effect? If you look closely you can see that the airsoft pistol has kickback so you get a realisic automatic pistol action.

Overall it cost me about $20 and 10 minutes to make this test video: $20 for the airsoft pistol. and about 5 minutes to film it, and 5 minutes to create the muzzle flash and composte it all together.

I can also try to answer any other questions you may have, and any details about anything above. Also try searching "safe squib" on Google.

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