I did consider going for a


I did consider going for a super 35 size sensor like the FS5 with a zoom lens but the extra 2k didn’t seem worth it for our applications based on my boss’ reaction haha. The main justification for going with that upgrade that I could think of was better low lighting conditions, depth of field, and more versatility with multiple lens that could easily outlive the life of the camera with future upgrades. But I’m assuming the target budget for the camera he was shooting for was about 4000. We dont need 4K either but based on everything I read it would leave room for editing options in post and based on were the trends are going I can see 4K monitors and TV’s becoming a lot more popular in the next few years and might add to the cameras lifespan. In regards to the editing it will be done with the creative cloud, mostly premiere and after effects. Thank you for your feedback!

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The best laptops for video editing — 2021

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