I did a quick search on


I did a quick search on Amazon and B&H and couldn't find the M40 for the prices mentioned. It seems to be a camera that's on its way out. (It's a good camera, though.)  The R40 is in that ballpark and the R400 is even cheaper (no internal flash memory which to me is no big deal. I have a stack of SD cards.)


The R400 has a very small sensor as you would expect from this price range so if you go with a camera like this, make sure you use the best lighting practices possible. You can get creative and come up with a suitable light kit for under $100. Or actually buy one from a company such as Cowboy Studios for under $100. Even just a clip light with an aluminum dish with about a 75-100 watt equivilant bulb can make a big difference. Try bouncing it off a white ceiling to give the room a nice glow if it's too dark.


For high lumen needs, a set of halogen work lights can often do the trick as someone mentioned. If you can't rig a defuser, turn them around and bounce them off of a wall/ceiling/or foam core board. Be careful with walls though since the color of the wall may also be reflected.


The benefit of the R400 is that it runs from 24p through full 1080 60p. You'll have options for the look you want. 60p can be very crisp and lifelike if that's what you are going for. 24p is more dreamy and film-like (due to the motion blur.) Of course, I don't suspect there is a lot of motion in a video of a house or building.


Which reminds me – check out DIY table dollies/sliders. A little movement used appropriately can go a long way to make your video more interesting.


Good luck!

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