I dealt with this issue a


I dealt with this issue a while back with a long time client. They got new management in and despite my turning their projects around in a night and day fashion, they just wanted to try someone else. That’s the biz sometimes so I rolled with it.

However, I get a call from my comp about wanting the tapes from the shoots I did for the company since they were now doing the projects. I said, ‘sure’ and quoted them a price for a harddrive with the digitized footage I had archived and a license for a one time use. If they wanted to buy out the footage altogether, I quoted them my price and though it was steep it wasn’t outside the range of industry standards.

Now mind you they wanted more than 24 hours worth of raw footage and tried to impress me with the fact that they use ‘Avid’ and blah, blah, blah. (my co. has it’s own Avid array and I’ve worked on massive MC and Symphony Unity setups.) Anyway, they figured I was some yokel despite the high quality of the work I did and figured they could bulldoze me into coughing up the tapes for next to nothing.

Though it raised a pretty big stink and cost me my rep with the client, the deal was fair and they all knew it. I’ve still got the tapes and they did whatever and now no longer work with that client. So yeah, if the client wants the raw footage, long as they pay for it let them have it. If they want to ‘flock-up’ their precious wedding memories, charge ’em for the stick to get the birds in the air!

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