I could never get the perc


I could never get the percentages for stretching or shrinking the files to work exactly right. I feel pretty sure that the internal clocks of the Zoom recorders may be a little different for individual units, however, I just now found another way that works. The problem is that the timebase for the Zoom is a little different from most computers, but if you let the Zoom play back the file from its card (not copy thecard directly into the computer) it all works out. I used the line out from my Zoom into my audio interface and recorded the playback from the Zoom into Audition. Then I pulled the file into Premier and synched it with the video and camera soundtrack at the beginning. It stayed in perfect sync for about 25 minutes (that was all I captured so far). I hated to convert back to analog but the quality of this little recorder is so good I can’t hear any difference, and I can deal with the time it takes to do it compared with cutting out a few milliseconds of the audio track every few minutes. Hooray! I’m happy with the zoom again.

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