I could be of more help if


I could be of more help if you could tell me exactly what kind of tapes you have. It’s very likely that you have some VHS-C tapes. They are just very small VHS tapes, about 75% smaller. These tapes can be placed into a VHS converter case and the case will fit into a VCR and play back your video. You than can hook your VCR to a stand-a-lone DVD recorder and transfer them that way. If you have no recorder, you’ll have to hook your VCR to your computer. You will have to buy an analog-to-digital converter and hook the VCR into the converter and than hook the converter to the computer via Firewire IEEE 1394 cable. You can also use a digital camera as the converter if you have one. Just hook the VCR into the camera and than hook the camera to the computer via the Firewire cable. You will than have to have video editing software that will capture the video. Once captured, you will have to have software that will burn the video to DVD.

If you have other types of tapes the only way to play them back is with the original camera and repeat the process above. Their is harware that will play back most tapes but the machines are usually very expensive and it would probably be cheaper to either buy a new camera or send the tapes to the U.S or somewhere and have them send you the DVD. Again, if you could tell me what kind of tapes you have, I could probably be of more assistance.

I hope this helps a little and I’d be happy to answer anymore questions or claify anything that I have said that may be confusing.

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