I consider myself very ver


I consider myself very versed in Pinnacle, having used it since V8. I have done the multicam editing, but haven’t used more than 2 cameras to be edited. I planned on having 3 at a wedding, but it was an outdoor wedding and the one unmanned camera had the sun drop down to a bad position and the angle was unusable. The 2 manned cameras worked very well and I was able to edit them in Pinnacle V11 with no problem. Since they were both MiniDV, I used a clapper just after both cameras were turned on and left them on. Once I synched the clap, no problem. Just used the sound from the camera closest to the action and even with the wind, it didn’t turn out too bad. The bride, groom and very unpleasant sister of the bride were very pleased with the results.

I also did a school play with 2 angles. Same thing. Stacked them in Pinnacle, synched up the clapper and no problem.

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