I compose and ‘perform’ my


I compose and ‘perform’ my own music, using a sequencer, ‘Kontakt 4’ and a Digital Audio work-station. Themes repeat, with different orchestrations, eg themes played by the horns in one instance re-cycled later on the strings and so-on. I like some ‘connection’ between the themes of the central movie and the titles/credits, especially the credits. Something outstanding from the main body of the production is an excellent choice.

One total no-no, in my book, is for the solo, or small-scale video maker to begin with something crassly inappropriate as a sop to his/her ego. Things to be avoided while you are telling the world that the production to follow is ‘all-your-own-work’, are ‘Also Spracht Zarethrustra’ by Strauss, (the ‘2001’ music a used by Kubrik), the opening fanfare from Mahlers ‘5th’, ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’ and so-on. Used in that way such ostentatious themesare simply an invitation to look bloody ridiculous. There is usually something suitable from the main body of the production, or alternatively, in my case, it’s not too difficult to write something, it’s by no means as difficult as it appears.

And one other thing; the purpose of the exercise is to provide a musical background for thecommunication of information, not to set feet tapping in the audience.

Ian Smith – Dunedin, New Zealand

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