I come from a music backgr


I come from a music background so timelines and such didn’t scare me. I also have used Flash from its first version so editing and timing were sort of inplanted in me. Having said that, I opened up Studio 9 for the first time and jumped right in and starting editing video as though I’d had this software for years. On the flip side, after reading so many posts about how powerful Vegas 5 is, I decided I’d move up to something more “powerful”. NOT. Like I said I’ve working with timelines professionally for over 15 years and this software made no sense. I had to literally hack at this thing for a fews days just to make the simplest editing manuvers. So my conclusion is, that Studio 9 is far more time saving and intuitive for someone looking to have quick turn around time with their production without the lose of professionalism.

The other thing I noticed though, was Studio 9 does hang up and/or drop capture frames if your hard drive is not defragged. But if you defrag everyday you should be hassle free and on your way. Hey that rhymed!

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