I checked out some of the


I checked out some of the Sennheiser wireless lav mics. $600 seems to be were the quality mics at. Is that what I should expect to spend to get the quality I am looking for?

As for the Manfrotto tripods and heads. I am seeing a wide price range and I am not exactly sure what I need. All the product descriptions and reviews say that the tripods are great. But with that much price difference there must be a difference in each model. Can you help pick one out? I want a tripod that will not move when I pan the head. I am mainly going to be using Canon Vixia HF 200 camera’s on it for now. Later I’ll be purchasing more 7D’s to use on the pods. So I need something that can work for both. The Vixia’s are lite camreas. As for the 7D now, I’ll using a shoulder system with a focus ring.

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