I charge on the basis of a


I charge on the basis of a client’s willingness and ability to pay for the amount of work that I have to do and am very flexible and adaptivein mostcircumstances since I am just starting out and have yet to build up a very impressive portfolio. If a job looks attractive in terms of building up my portfolio I will usually leave the amount to paid me up to the client. This works well with brokers whomI want to cultivate and develop an ongoingbusiness relationship. I’m pretty much satisfied at the moment with earning about $50hron ajob even though I don’t make that much onmost of the jobs I have done so far.

My problem is that I am still working full-time in a regular job andwill not be able to devote more time to making videos until I retire this summer. I’m lucky to have accomplishedas much asI did during a recent 5-week vacation and do not expect to be very active again until I am fully retired from my day job. My most recent shoot was of a Condo in Queens for a real estate broker there. I am now uploading my videos to Motionbox and they look about as good as it gets.


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