I charge for rendering, ca

AvatarGrinner Hester

I charge for rendering, capturing, travel, ect. Much of supervised time in the edit suite, as you all know, is acting as counselor, not editor. lol 100 bucks an hour for that. Whatever time I put into a project, that’s what I bill for. It’s why it’s so easy for me to quote flat bids to new clients. It’s easy to guage how much time I’ll have in it. None of my time is worth less than other hours. It’s still time away from billing something else. That just aint free and I have no reason to discount it, at least not with editing rates so much lower than post houses in my market. They are all 175-195 and hour per the usual rates. I can offer 100 hour because I have so much lower overhead than the oldschool post houses that are struggling to keep producers doing what they did a decade ago.

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