I charge by the hour. However


I charge by the hour. However I also charge the first hour at an increased price. For example, I might charge $400 for the first hour of shooting then $150 for every hour after that.

For editing I usually charge $75ph unless there is a lot of GFX then I will increase it.

A good way to figure out how much to charge to figure out all of your overheads per year and break it down. Make sure your covering all your over heads, what you wnat to get paid and at least a 20% profit. Spend half a day really digging in to all this and you will soon have a clear understanding of what you need to be earning. Then you have to decide if the quality of your work is worth the amount you come up with. If its not, then dont go into it full time, build on your skills untill you feel confident about the price you knwo you need to charge. 🙂


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