I charge $35 per 2-Hour DV


I charge $35 per 2-Hour DVD, with a $7 tape change fee per tape. That is for dubbing videotape to DVD, simple black letters on white inkjet printable surface with paper sleeve. IOW four tapes, totalling UP TO 2 hours, equals $35 plus 4×7=$28, for a total of $63. One videotape of 2-hour length would only cost them $35. These are recorded “as is” straight from the tapes, no embellishment period.

If the client wants me to put her copies in plastic cases with customized color inserts and DVD surface graphics, create a title sequence in the DVD, music over titles, and cut out “bad” parts (blurry out of focus, seriously over/under exposed footage, etc.) I do this for $75 per 2-hour DVD, plus $7 tape change fee.

“Clean up editing” where I edit taking out over/under exposed, clean up audio (where possible) enhance with music, add graphics and titles, custom inserts, remove out of focus or unidentifiable images, but nothing fancy beyond cuts/fades – I get $45 per hour and suggest that it can take up to a half-hour per finished minute as a “ball park” figure.

Full on editing with any and all the audio sweetening, special FX, full creative effort, custom packaging and graphics, and where I have complete autonomy with the process based on client suggestions, desires and general input = $75 per hour, and suggest it can take up to 1 hour per finished minute as a “ball park” guide for estimated costs.

If the client “sits in” on the editing process and calls the shots it jumps to $400 per hour. Editing from a client generated EDL (typed with hours, seconds, minutes & frames, with description of ending/beginning scenes) can go from $75 to $100 per hour.

I have gone exclusively with high quality Taiyo Yuden DVDs in dash R and have not had one playback issue or bad disk in more than three years. My second blank of choice is Fuji. I will use no other. Players no older than 3 years generally are OK with dash or plus R recordings. I find that the ultra-high quality decks sometimes are more persnikety about what they will accept, but pretty much anything WalMart sells has worked for us and our clients. Also, ultra high quality or HQ or the highest DVD burning setting, or the faster speeds sometimes can create issues.

I record/dub at 4x, sometimes 8x, and have not had issues, as I said, in more than three years.

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