I can’t speak for thevideo


I can’t speak for thevideos here but I have two recommendations from other sources.

“How to SETUP, LIGHT, & SHOOT Great Looking INTERVIEWS”-http://www.vortexmedia.com

This covers the basics for lighting (indoor) interviews and the gear required to do it. It ranges from setting up a kit for under $1500.00, choosing a location, choosing an angle, exposure, depth of field, lens filters, windows, and lots of other topics. Some of it was a review for me but some was very helpful.

“SOUND FOR FILM AND TELEVISION” – http://www.wrightsvillebeachstudios.com/

This is a great intro for beginners and in my opinion well suited for the intermediate user.It ranges from equipment, techniques in booming, choosing the right mic, a brief discussion about editing sound in post and much more.

I still get a lot out of these and I am sure most of you would too.


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