“I can’t help to go back t


“I can’t help to go back to your comment on Premier Pro 1.5… do you
recommend another avenue?”


It’s not so much as whether PP 1.5 is bad or good, just old. Now that said, I’ve got a copy of Premiere 5.5 on a shelf somewhere and it’s really old. However, I know how to use it. I just don’t because I currently use CS3 (soon CS5) because the new program can do the things I need it to now. Back when I was doing SD DV work only, I used it for super quick turn around projects (primarily I used Avid.) If I was training someone from absolute scratch, yeah I may drag it back out and put it on one of the old NLE’s still on active duty. Once I could see they had the basics down, then I’d bring them up to what I am currently using as that will cut down on their learning curve.

So long as you currently have a machine capable of running it, PP 1.5 would be serviceable to learn on. You will want to move up to CS4 – 5 shortly after your initial training because quite a bit has changed since the CS line has started. Right now though, you need to learn basic shooting and editing and not detracting from your ‘innate abilities’, learning how to do that on your own is a lot harder than it looks. Not to mention the added pressure of your company no doubt having a timeline in which they want you to get started.

PM me with more details on your setup and I’ll have a better idea of what you’re up against and how I or others may be able to assist you. In the meantime, don’t forget to look at the VM free tutorials.

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