I can’t comment on JVC


You definitely do not want to rush into choosing a camera! Take as much time as you need to find the perfect fit for you! You might also see if there is a camcorder store near you where you can test out the cameras for yourself.

I can't comment on JVC camcorders, though I have heard good things about them. 

As for the X70, it is the model that the Z90 and NX80 are based on. The NX80 and Z90 are upgrades of the X70. It is a great camcorder, but I have heard from owners that if you are thinking about getting it, you might as well upgrade to either the Z90 or NX80. They have several enhancements for a small bump in price.

This is just my opinion, but while the NX5R is a great camera and will give you good images and control, you might want to get the NX80. Since you said you would be using it more recreationally, it is ideal in its size it small and light and easy to take wherever you want. It also has great auto-focus when you need it, but also has the ring when you want to practice manually focusing. You may not record in 4k for a while but it is becoming a standard along with HDR across many platforms so it gives you room to grow, expecially since you pointed out that whichever camera you buy it may be the only one for a while. You still get all the controls of a professional camera even if some are condensed into the menus. That's only my opinion, but definitely see what others say about the other cameras as well!!

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