I cannot say if your broth


I cannot say if your brother is mature enough to handle the stress that doing a wedding would provide (you only get one chance and if you screw it up someone is gonna hate you forever). There’s a lot to remember and experience counts for much – both in taping and editing. Also think of the credibility factor – how are guests going to react to a kid filming – they may not take him seriously and that would make for a sub-standard product.

I do think that he should go as a second or third camera and learn as much as he can – That way, by the time he turns 18 or 21 or so, he will have lots of experience as a cameraman and will know just what to do when starting his own business.

He can also learn (if he doesn’t know how yet) editing – A very wonderful blend of art and science, taking not just experience but a good eye and mind’s eye as well.

I started taking still photographs at age 6 and had my first major front page shot (NY Post) at age 20. Age doesn’t matter in some things, but in dealing with the public, and especially in any business venture, perception is everything.

Just my $0.02.

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