I cannot recommend Sony’s


I cannot recommend Sony’s Vegas Movie Studio any more highly. I started with it’s pre-cursor (Screenblast Movie Studio) after having a very buggy time with Pinnacle Studio, a less than adequate time with MS Movie Maker and finding Roxio not powerful enough.

I was productive from day one and about six months later, moved up to the full blown Vegas+DVD package. I have never regretted my decision to go with Sony’s products. They are powerful, intuitive and very easy to use. There is also the Sony Forums (http://www.sonymediasoftware.com/forums/) where many true experts are more than happy to help with the simplest of questions.

It sells for under $100 and you can get the Platinum Edition for about $100 that will support HD!

If you have a family member who is a student or teacher, you can get an academic version for about one third less.

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