I can offer you two peices


I can offer you two peices of advice….

one: the “Hardness” or “Softness” of light quality is dependant on one thing… The size of the lightsource, relative to the size of the subject.

therefore a large lightsource (ie: the Sun) will give harder light on a distant subject (ie: a person on earth) than a smaller light closer to the subject (ie a softbox two feet from the subject).

so test out what you got to get the look you want. at the size you’re looking at, halogen worklamps should be great!

next item:

your models.

Clay works great as a skin, over a structure, but sucks structually speaking.

at the size you’re talking about, I’d go this way:

Bionicles, or toy action figures (Barbie, GI Blow, etc), use heavy copper wire and zip ties to reinforce the joints, then lay on layers of clay over top…..

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