I can be a bit more specif


I can be a bit more specific about the difficulty you’d encounter by describing the physics of lighting.

The strength of a light source decreases at the square of the distance from the source. So when you white balance at one location, everything at that location will look okay. But moving a foot one way or the other, the balance betwen the lights’ colors changes at a geometric rate (rather than a linear rate.) So all the objects on either side of the white balance point will not be recorded with proper colors. So even the background will have a slow transition from being of in one direction, to correct in the middle (or where the white balance was set,) to tinted in the other direction. Essentially, almost none of the image will have the correct hue. And to correct it in post would require extreme skills & really high end color correction tols.

If you want to see how dramatic the effect is, try lighting only one side of the set. Put your camera on manual and set exposure at a middle point, then watch what happens as you move from one side to the other. Using exposure, the differences are very obvious and identical to the color shifts you’d encounter. And just as impossible to fix in post.

Now there is one situation where it is possible to skake by using different color tempature lights. If you light the front of the set with one color of light, then light the background (and even perhaps your hair light) with the other temperature of lighting. When you white balance using the lighting falling on the talent, you will get accurate color for your talent, but the background will be recorded incorrectly. But you have to be really careful about the light spilling onto the set itself.

So that’s that. Good luck with your productions and have fun.

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