” I can adjust the white


I can adjust the white balance manually on the camera which I have used and came out OK. However, in a dark venue with gels that change colour it's not really worthwhile as the colours are changing constantly. "


Yehbut  . . . . .if it were me, I'd still want to know where " white " was irrespective of the multicolored performance lighting. Beyond that, having enough light for low noise shooting must be marginal!


I had a friend in Austin TX who was trying to shoot bands live in clubs. His effort was toward capturing to a DVD recorder ( video from his camera/audio from the house board ), and selling the group a DVD before they left the club. I viewed a few of his efforts. Sadly, even when there was enough light I found the forever static single camera to be irritatingly boring! A single, static wide shot must be interrupted by another camera angle periodically or you will lose your audience! If you can move the camera to different perspectives quickly, w/o stopping the camera, you can shoot some B-roll of audience reactions or club experior shots, or whatever and cur them in later to cover your frantic camera resets while the sound carries continuous.


good luck

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