I called Adobe when this h


I called Adobe when this happened to me and they guided me through basically just (if you’re using Windows, and chances are, you are) setting up a separate account for capturing video. Basically what happens – what they explained to me anyway – was that something in the registry for the account that you’re using gets messed up and corrupts the entries for Premiere in that account, but if you create a new account and open up Premiere in there, it’ll take a bit longer than usual because it’s creating brand new entries for Premiere in that account’s registry, so they won’t be corrupted, since they’re brand new. That worked beautifully.

However, I’m now having issues because my computer will play back the video, will see and hear it and the audio, but when I try to capture, it drops every few frames so I get a super-choppy 2-minute clip after playing through about 12 minutes of tape! I’ve recently built a new computer setup with Adobe’s Production Premium suite, a whole dedicated system for video, and I don’t have a Firewire port on the motherboard. (Yea, dumb to not buy one that had one built-in, I know). I used a separate Firewire card for my old machine (the one I eventually had to create a new account for and that now has capturing issues once again) and it worked wonderfully for about 3 years. Now, though, with the addition of the new system for video, I’d rather have that capable of handling all video tasks instead of switching between one and the other. I’m also getting rid of the current desktop for a laptop soon so it’ll be nice not to have to depend on that for video stuff when I didn’t set it up for video in the first place. So basically, my question is this:

Does anybody have any fairly cheap but very effective and reliable ways of capturing from an XL1 to Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 that is very reliable and dependable and is simply functional and useful in this type of setup? I just want to be able to capture my video, and it’s so discouraging when you have two computers – one that is very capable of handling video tasks – but you can’t do the simplest, most essential task of all. Thanks so much for your help, anyone and everyone who responds, and I hope my respone above helped the original poster of this topic.

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