I by no means meant that a


I by no means meant that a current SD DVD player could output a HD file. I was speaking of file size not resolution ability. I cant seem to find the article that I was did however find one that said currently the US has 17% (which does sound a bit more realistic than what was stated in the last article i read) market saturation with HD sets. Really 1k is not that bad for a new tech like HDDVD or bluray. HDDVD players are actually selling for as little as $500. DVDs cost 1000 at least when they came out and $1k was worth even more then. Don’t get me wrong I often burn DVD backups of my favorite projects and would love to be able to put more data on a single disk, but personally I think that the real reason that these new formats are coming is that DVD sales growth is falling off and the studios want everyone to buy another copy of their favorite movies.

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