I bought the Sima 3 watt l


I bought the Sima 3 watt light- what a great little light!

Totally underpowered for what you might think useful- yes- this is a little brighter than one of those mini maglights- but it is a much softer light whereas what you’d use for finding something in your wife’s purse would be more like a point source of light.

But, on the camcorder, within about 10 feet of your subject, it is just enough light to bring out the color in someone’s face, fill in shadows from overhead lights (I hate “under eye” shadows- they make people look sick), or warm the color temperature of the scene a bit.

Runs on two AAA Ni-MH batts that you can charge in the light or separately in your own charger. You can purchase these at Radio Shack and have several sets for a shoot. It even comes with a mini clamp so you can remote the light to fill shadows in a background, etc.

It barely gets warm to the touch and runs about 30 minutes on a set of batteries.

Nice little light- for $25, buy a few!

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