I bought the hd1000u last


I bought the hd1000u last year. I ended up buying it brand new from B&H because I was watching pricing on Ebay and its seemed the used cameras were going for a price within a couple of hundred of buying new. It still seems to be the case.

I had also looked at the canon hv20 and the hv30. You can get an hv20 for undr 500 on ebay these days.

So far I am happy with the HD1000u. I know it is a single chip but it is a realativley large chip cmos. I am shooting mostley under well controlled lighting. this camera met my needs and stayed in my budget. Also the plus side is the appearance is profesional.

In recent time the the HD1000u has been going for around 1100 to 1300 on ebay. New at B&H is 1579 plus they have a ecoupon/rbate deal if you click on the rebate link onthe B&H listing that expires 6/30. You would have to decide it that was worth anything to you.

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