I bought one and used it f


I bought one and used it for a school choir concert.

It was okay. During the lulls I still had to hold the camera and monopod. If it were tripod mounted I could walk away from it so to speak.

As fas as panning, easy and as smooth or rough as I wanted.

Tilting, I set my camera’shandle to be atchin level, so I could look over the top of the camera.
I used the screen vs. the eye piece. It was easy to move my arm forward or back to tilt.

Over all for what I was shooting it worked well. IfI needed to be realmobile I would a lot.Normally, I am hunting videos, which is slow, but hours is the stand the tripod works better.|
I carry it with me every whereI go to be versitile.
For a fast moving event, like a basketball game…TRIPOD!

Really just depends on what type event you are shooting.
I say get one that isn’t to expensive and give it a try.


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