I bought my DVX-100B in 20


I bought my DVX-100B in 2008 after wrestling with the question of the practicality of aHiDef alternative, the HVX200A, which at that time was over $ 5K. Times and opinions change, and when the HVX200A became $ 3K in closeout sales I went for it, even though I only had maybe 50 hours on the DVX. Having used the HVX for standard def shooting, I vastly prefer it to the DVX. I have never run tape in the HVX, getting about two hours on a 32G P-2 card. The HiDef quality from the HVX is supurb.

HVX200A’s have been sighted on eBay for $ 1500 to $ 1600. The HPX170 ( currently new @ around $ 3K )is very similar to the HVX, but does not have the ability to run MiniDV tape. I vastly prefer the DVC-PRO (HD or not) to the AVCHD file format. AVCHD is a computer horsepower hog. The greater compression with AVCHD allows for cheaper, smaller memory cards, and many feel the P-2 workflow has its drawbacks, even though there’s less video compression.

The question is: do I hang on to my DVX for a second camera, or should I try to sell it?

Rick Crampton

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