I bought an ‘almost new’


I bought an 'almost new' MacBook Pro on Ebay in 2008, edited/uploaded over 500 vids since then and only switched this year to iMovie '11 but even from day 1 could've hardly been happier.


My suggestion would only be to get the best that you can afford and stick with it and learn all the neat little tricks that most give up on and buy the next new thing instead. Other than green screen and CG effects, nearly all you need is in iMovie. To me, everything else needed for a convincing edit is pretty much a passing fad(i.e. spinning titles laid over a crappy video).


2nd monitor? I might like it but don't see me using one. I have 2 eyes but they only see in 1 place. I think a 2nd monitor would only slow me down, as I've gotten pretty good in iMovie just by editing many terrabytes of video in the last several years and only need to see what is in front of me as I run. My downfall is in being stuck with 4 gigs of Ram when I need 8, and my model can't do that. A faster(7200 rpm) drive didn't seem to do improve over a 5400rpm, so don't be impressed by that in your decision, so look for at least 8g of Ram and that will serve you well for a spell.


What I am finding right now so far in iMovie '11 is that for one it's so much easier than before to experiment with speeds of clips, whereas before I had to take them into FinalCut Express4, which to me was not near as user friendly in any respect. Doing it now in seconds as opposed to minutes opens up another creative door, as you don't feel so bad about tossing it aside and trying another clip in the same spot.I started on a PC but it was older and making the comparison wouldn't be fair to the pro-PC crowd, but regardless, I'm sticking with my Mac. Love it, love it, love it!

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