I bought an Alienware Auro


I bought an Alienware Aurora for about $1700.

Intel i7920 at 2.66ghz, (can be overclocked to almost 4ghz if you want)

9GB of 1333mhz RAM

Ati Radeon 5870 card (retails for about $400)

2 7200rpm HDs at 1TB each.

This graphic card is one of the fastest on the planet and it rips through editing .mts files (AVCHD) from my Canon HF10 in Sony Vegas. All my other computers couldn’t handle it. This processor, RAM, and graphic card eat it up no problem.

Go look up reviews and ratings on the Ati Radeon 5870…it’s crazy. You can crossfire it too, but I find it’s not necessary and I’ve been editing straight up pain in the ass 24mbps HD video in AVCHD.

Smooth as can be.

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