I bought a Coleman brand (


I bought a Coleman brand (CVW9HD) waterproof video (and still) camera some months back. I own much better cameras but this had a couple distinct advantages. Waterproof to 10 feet. Runs off AA batteries (which I can carry in ample supply on extended trips away from electricity). Surprisingly good 720P/30 video and capable of 1080P (but w/o zoom) and adequate 5MP stills. Small and fits easily into a shirt pocket when out on the jet ski or raft or canoe. Easy for grandkids to operate (and that often produces some very interesting, child perspective, movies). Best of all, if it is dropped to the bottom of the lake only a modest investment is lost (about $80).

I own a Nikon AW100 but it runs on rechargeable batteries and is far more expensive to replace. I really wanted this Coleman camera to work. It fulfilled a very specific need for me.

But, and it is a very big reservation, the movies (.MOV) are not editable by Avid Studio, Pinnacle Studio HD 14, Windows Movie Maker or Vegas Studio 9. In the first three there is no (zero, zip) audio. Old fashioned silent movies. In Vegas there is audio but it is “out of synch” with the video. I can open them in QuickTime Pro 7 and resave them but the result is a 4:3 format and not a 16:9. Bottom line is that you can watch each separate clip in QuickTime but beyond that, can’t do anything meaninful to edit them (i.e., combine, delete, add effects, etc.).

I have tried in vain to get anyone from Coleman, from Avid (now owns Pinnacle) and from Vegas to give me any suggestions as to how I might be able to edit these.

Anyone out there have a suggestion? If we cannot solve this issue, I would avoid this Coleman camera.

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