I believe what the other p


I believe what the other person is asking when he said a full-blown crew with four corners of the earth shots is…

For a documentrary the size of, say, The National Geographics channel we’re probably talking into the 100’s of thousands to millions of dollars.

We understand that you already have the filming done but with NG documentaries they use $100,000 cameras, separate mic systems with 20 man crews all with different camera angles as well as sound that must be edited back together, etc. Which is why it is so expensive.

But for a production with one camera (or even two) with only a built in camera mic or shotgun mic, it could probably be edited fairly cheap.

Software doesn’t really figure into the cost. If I have FCP and know how to use it, that is what I am going to use. I wouldn’t charge you a different price for each different editing suite.

So I guess our question is… Is your documentary comparable to National Geographics or a vacation at disney world?

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