I believe the ones not


I believe the ones not leaving any content are bots that can get past an open registration. I agree, something like a CAPTCHA element would help there, I use the KEYCAPTCHA where people have to put a picture together, bots have a hard time with that one as they can sometimes get around the word ones.


But there is also the Chinease computer spam camps where you have a lot of people spamming all day because the internet is making it hard for the bots. Thats where the question and answer fileds help. The only problem with those for a forum like this is using questions general enough for people all over the world to know the answer to but not some person in China. They might have some field specific knowledge to pass around.


There are also spam data banks where the emails and user names get recorded to and that software will stop any that have been seen before but that is best for the bots that can get stopped with just the CAPTCHA.


Its quite the growing pain sometimes when starting a forum.

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