“I believe that in modern


“I believe that in modern digital camcorders timecode is written every time the camera records to a tape. So even if there is already timecode on a tape it is overwritten when the tape is recorded over.

That is correct, but most cameras sample the time code from a frame on the tapeprior togoing into record mode, when you start recording, so that the time code is written from that position, preserving continuity.

None of the cameras I have, Sony, Canon or Panasonic, change the time code once the tapes have been striped avoiding duplicate time codes on the same tape.

As to head wear, I have a Sony DCR-PC7E camera which I have had for at least a decade as it was one of the first MiniDV cameras made, which is inferior to todays cameras in picture quality and features, which I keep exclusively for striping and capturing, and I have never had a dropped frame and the heads are still going strong. Of course it is no good for striping HD.


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