I believe it would help fo


I believe it would help for specific shots. Some of the footage I have could stand a little boost in the front – depending on your angle. I’m just now starting to notice in my shooting where light really needs to be to bring out details, so in my case, there were a few shots of ceiling displays that lacked the head on lighting.

Man, you’re making me think too much about lighting!

A tripod would certainly have been a great asset, but difficult to manuever with the crowds. I just used the railings, display cases, and anything else I could lean on to help steady the shots.

Oh – and one more thing, I was on full auto the whole time, probably not the best thing to do either. The GL-1 is very forgiving in auto mode – IMO.

Good luck to you – and don’t accidentally leave your camera on the hotel shuttle and end up walking a mile in below freezing weather to retrieve it from the driver! (Don’t ask)


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