I believe it depends on wh


I believe it depends on what type of production you will be doing. If it is for the regular Joe that you will be providing footage for then I would go ahead and purchase the 3CCD camera and move to HD later on. The reason being is how are you going to provide the final footage; DVD, Videotape, or DTV broadcast.

If you are going to provide your final footage on DVD or VHS then there is no reason for the HD. Now if you are doing projects to be aired on digital tv or for film then the HD may be a better investment.

FYI, there is no DVD available in HD. All are standard NTSC 720×480 mode.

The HD cameras are still in their infancy and are not for the average camcorder user. Also to edit that footage you need some heavy duty software and or hardware. For instance JVC uses mpeg to record and edit their HD footage from their camera. If memory serves me right I also believe that the JVC HD camera also suffers from poor low light capabilities.

So in conclusion I believe that you should stick to a 3CCD camera like the Sony VX2100 for now. Of course there are other 3CCD cams out there with different features which you will have to decide what you want in the camera.

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