I beleive that all the NLE


I beleive that all the NLE and PC based editors out there are ALL GREAT, it is the END RESULT that counts, and its the creativity of in-depth understanding of the Softwares each of us purchase. I personally us the Macrosystems Prestige NLE with native DV and DVD authoring built right in the same unit. I have been using their units since the first model came out, and have produced award winning results over & over again for several years now.

I once told another editor; Its like having a vehicle, one may purchase a Cadillac and another purchase a Lincoln, they both are loaded with features and have great performance,…..in the end they both will take you to the same place of destination. It becomes a personal prefference, of which brand Name to purchase. Alot of folks tend to purchase the platform they were taught on, but we all need to have an open mind towards other choices.

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