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I began using online advertising recently, and it definitely brings in traffic. I’m generalizing, but google adwords is by far the highest traffic. And theknot.com uses google’s adsense to generate ads for its site, so even if you pay $1 or 2 dollars per google click, you get ranked right along with the $150/month for 6 month advertisers. Yahoo brings in less traffic, and microsoft brings in less traffic than yahoo.

A bit of the search engine advertising game has to do with being in front of people a lot. It’s not about markeing to stupid people or just getting people on the site. If you write really good ad copy and tweak it over time you can see your incoming traffic increase. If you are really good and continue to refine your SEO work you show up near the top for your search results.

But if you need the extra step of help from search engine traffic, think about advertising with them. You don’t need thousands of dollars to start out. You can set your limits to like $1 dollar a day, and pay 20 cents per click. And keep watching for these promo codes that search engines give every once in a while to encourage you to try them out. Over the holidays I used $300 in free clicks from looksmart. But I think the reason they are giving away their hefty $300 in free adclicks is because they don’t really have that much traffic between them and their partners. Even though I put down $3 per click, my search term is rated very low, and I end up paying about 17 cents per click. Each day only gets me about 4 or 5 clicks. And there is a definite difference between using search and "Content Networks". Search puts your advertising when someone searches for your keyword terms. Content Network clickers are people who are bored or intrigued while they are reading what they REALLY want to be reading. So they might come to your website, but they have no real commitment to anything you do. Content Networks are more for fortune 500 brand building, I think. A way to have their brand name in your face at most times. The thing about these content networks is that they share revenue with the search engines, so your ad is shown thousands of times, but gets very few clicks.

Microsoft has $100 in free clicks using the promo code BNR-100-1006 during January, it expires 1/15/07, valid for the first 1000 who sign up. They charge $5 to start, and you should use Internet Explorer when you are using their service. I use firefox to develop websites, but sometimes there are glitches in their website if you are not using IE.


Here’s a yahoo CODE; you have to use promo code US1999 and I don’t know what their ending date is, but it’s $75 in free clicks. I think they charge $5 to begin, so you get $70 worth of free clicks.


I’m writing this in the first week of January 2007, so I don’t know when these codes will be replaced or updated.

But there is nothing better than good organic rankings, as CompuSolver says.

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