I beg to differ….first o


I beg to differ….
first of all I am using 4×23 watts = 400 watts equivelent.
second of this is lightweight and cheap…. lightweight means, you can move it around to keep it close to your subject… cheap means you can make more than one…

also….. many a d-slr shooter out there knows that when working with smaller lights sources (portable flash) you always have TWO sources of light… the ambient (already there) and the artificial (you add it) therefore you can use either lightsource as your main and then use the other lightsource as your fill…

I chose daylight balanced bulbs for this project because there ia always windows in the locations I tent to use it… that means daylight coming through windows…

problem solving revolves around having a “whan can I do with this” attitude, not a “Cannot compete with…” attitude…


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