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I assume that this is going to go on to You Tub or similar so video Quality will not be a major factor so an SD camera may work out fine. I am starting to experiment with Multi-Cam shoots using the Kodak Zi8. These are HD Cameras, but very portable and very cheap, and are focused on the “upload to YouTube” user. The Zi8 do have some drawbacks…you can not smoothly zoom in, so it is best to set up the shot and leave the camera alone. It is best to mount them on a tripod. They come with an 1/8″ microphone jack. This may not fit your needs, but it is something to look at. I use a Sony Pro cam for most of the shoots that we do.

I work with a company that wanted to get into video, so we designed a starter kit and have slowly been expanding and upgrading as money and needs dictate.

1) Light kit – Something with an umbrella or diffusers will work best as it will help to eliminate some harsh shadows. We purchased a 3 light set for about $250-300.

2) Microphones. Wired microphones will save you some money, but they limit the talent’s movement a bit. If you will be shooting someone at a desk or in a chair, wired should be fine. If they will be doing a lot of movement, wireless.

3) Mixer – All of our shoots that we planned were going to be stationary shots with the talent sitting at a desk or in a chair, so we were able to use a desktop audio mixer that we had sitting around for some audio projects that we had done in the past.

4) Teleptompter – We decided to make our own. I had an old LCD monitor sitting around. I took the stand off and laid it down on a desk. I built 2 wooden frames, one to go around the monitor, and the other to hold a piece of glass. Tilt the glass at a 45 degree angle over the monitor, put the camera behind the glass, and drape everything with a dark cloth. Thereis some inexpensive ($30)teleprompter software on the market that will mirror the text so it is readable in the prompter.

It helped that I had some lighting, sound and video experience. I was by no means an expert, and we made a few mistakes along the way, but every piece of gear that we purchased we still use, and we purchase more equipment or upgrade as necessary.

If this is a 1 shot deal, hire a pro, they can come in set up, shoot and be out in 1/2 day and get you a product that you will like.

Even though we have a decent setup, there are still times that we will call in a professional just because the results are that much better

If this is something that you want to do long term, I would start off on the low end and upgrade as necessary. It sounds as if the expectations are low from management on this, and when they realize how much time and effort and experienceit takes to do this they will likely scrap the project.

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