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I assume also, Don, that you’re already listed on LinkedIn and have posted similar information there regarding your expertise and experience. If not, you really ought to pursue the possibilities LinkedIn offers. It took me awhile but I can now say that posting there, linking with others, establishing and validating my credentials, gaining referrals, HAS now brought me business as a result of being listed there.

I suspect there are a good number of video producers seeking information on how to obtain grant money for various projects, information that helps them understand what it might take to even THINK about getting a grant, and expertise that guides them through the processes and initial disappointments. Between advertising via all possible social networks and maybe even developing some white papers and self-publishing them at Lulu dot com for prices ranging from free to whatever. you could develop a client base of videographers who are seeking grants, or your PROCUREMENT services, so long as your fee added still brings prices lower than what most individuals could establish.

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The best 360 cameras available — 2021

360-degree video is a brand new medium driven by new 360 camera technology. However, its immersive qualities create unique technological challenges.