I asked this question to k


I asked this question to kind of see what everyone thought. I already understood that if you get paid, you’re a “professional.” But I think jerronsmith got into what I was looking for when he said there is a certain level of expertise that’s expected when you call yourself a professional. I’m sure there is no clear line between professional andamateur, but I just wanted to see where you guys thought you might draw that line.

“Part of the problem with the democratization of technology is that the level of experience and skill to be considered a professional seems to have declined.” -jerronsmith

I agree and disagree. I disagree because I feel that this increase in technology has caused those who are serious about video to learn more than you would have had to in the past. I think the best example is the editor. Editors don’t just cut the video anymore. They cut it together, edit the sound, create graphics (which may also require graphic design skills), color grading, and maybe even DVD authoring. And I feel that if you are pretty good at all that, and probably more than what I mentioned, then you deserve to be called a professional.

On the other hand, I agree because so many people can make video these days, but not many people can do it well. Part of me wants to tell the cocky people that they suck, but then the other part knows it’s not a good idea to be a jerk. Its also annoying me that viewers actually settle for bad video too.

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