I appreciate your response


I appreciate your responses. As I am seriously new to this, I am not understanding alot of your terminology.(VBR, CBR, AUDIO_TS, VOB, .IFO, etc) And although this is driving my nuts, because I did consider myself pretty computer literate, I know it is like anything else, and I just have to learn it.
Like I was saying, I have Microsoft Movie Maker on the computer, and my DVDRW came with PowerDVD, Nero, and Cyberlink PowerProducer.
I guess I will address one question at a time…. When capturing video from a camera like this, do you have to do it in real time. Can the computer not capture while it is Fast Forwarding? Just curious, because it does take a while to capture a whole tape. Or, am I going at this the wrong way? Do you guys even capture the whole tape, or just the clips you are using to make whatever movie you are making at the time?
Thanks again.

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