I appreciate the kind word


I appreciate the kind words, Hank Castello Compusolver !

John 11,

Your first question was about technique. For green screen an equally effective technique, as effective as making other things green, is creative cropping. If your puppet is a knee sock instead of a short running sock, you can crop out creatively from the video scene. While the temptation is to make things in the foreground disappear and things in the background disappear, it is more realistic to take the fast shortcut and creatively crop out what you don’t need than spend 80% of your time lighting for perfection, if you are not creating hollywood’s next blockbuster.

To make some of our suggestions more realistic, take a quick 30 second clip and throw it up online without your green screen. Then the members here with real experience can give you some info which might put you in the right direction. Without really seeing something, we are all putting our theories out there, and that may not actually help you.
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