?i apologize for the poor


?i apologize for the poor word choice, “spoiled” was not the one I was looking for. and I’m not saying a person can go ahead and vacation anytime they want just because they have a laptop and a business, I was just trying to make the point that there is a lot less restraint, unlike working a 40 hr week stuck in a cubicle or on a conveyor line. I’m sure business owning is hard, and competitive, I’ve never heard a business owner say it was easy, and the man I edit for never has a day off, and everytime i talk to him he is working no matter what time of day…I know a restaurant owner who has worked her butt off for 6 years and still has yet to bring home her own paycheck, but besides my poor word coice of “spoiled” and mentioning vacation, The facts that I mentioned are still there. You CAN make your own hours, you CAN travel and edit, and with $2,000 coming in each week, can probably choose and pay for your own insurance plan, Earl, the ones they usually offer with companies are crappy anyway. But I’ve went ahead and made a social issue out of this…Imagep made the point that needed to be made. You cant say that editing time is a production cost. Editing is not COSTING you anything except for the electricity in using your computer.

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