I apologize for not readin


I apologize for not reading all of the posts, but this is a response to some of the posts. I believewhateverbusiness you are running orown you need to have a passion for it. People like to buy from people who have a passion for what theysell. You also need to have a smart planfor your business, so you can make income for you and your business so you will survive.

We also need to remember that people in here and the rest of the world havemany different levels of standards.Wejust need to agree to disagreeand respect each other’s opinions and standards in here.Believe me, Iamhuman and I am not perfect, so don’t think I amsticking my nose up in the air at this, but this is my 2 cents onthis forum and I believe it is important torespect each other in here. I have gone through situations where I lost respect for people and realized that I should have keptthe respect for those people. It is justexperiencing life tough situations that taught me to always keep the respect for people, no matter how madyou get at them.

Also if you tell meto read the rest of the post and say you are barking up the wrong tree, I will read the rest of the posts and probably agree with you.But for now this is my 2 cents on this. Have a Good Day!

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