I apologize about all of t


I apologize about all of the weird “A?A” symbols. I cut and pasted something, and it came out funny when I posted it, so I went back in and edited it. Then when I posted again, it had all the “A?A” symbols.

I got the external monitor hooked up. I used the Component Out cable, and plugged in RGB to the back ofour HDTV.


It looks great. I just sort of stood there for about ten minutes, blinking and going “Huh!”

I guess I just assumedI would be working in green screen all the time, because it seems kind of exotic, and because I could. But maybe that is not necessarilywhat I want to do all of the time, and in all circumstances? Maybe I should ask myself if and when it seems appropriate to do green screen work, and when it is appropriate just to havea colored or dappled backdrop, or even a regular set?

I’m still just kind of stunned from looking at the component closed circuit loop.


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